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Those are the very words from the man himself and wow what a man.

Looking for some inspiration we recently attended a breakfast to hear Quentin speak about his life, his experiences – both the highs and the lows – and how he has achieved some amazing goals.

Quentin’s key points were clear – have some common sense, manage your time well and never give up on your dreams. He knows through shear hard work, perseverance, persistence and desire you will reach your goals; no matter how impossible they first appear.

His advice is simple and do ‘able – take 3 actions a day. Have goals for today, 1 – 3 months from here and long term goals 5 – 10 years from now.

He is living proof that through perseverance and persistence you will achieve your goals. Time management is right up there, because let’s face it wasting time just wishing and talking about goals isn’t going to get you there.

Born with osteogenesis or commonly known as brittle bone disease the future certainly didn’t look bright for Quentin, but look at how he shines now. He is a short film producer, director, scriptwriter and actor. He has written his own biography, debated a Prime Minister advocating against disability funding cuts when he was only 11 and his list of amazing achievements just gets longer.

Not only has he had to overcome his physical challenges, he has successfully recovered from prescription drug addiction as well as the pathetic, jealous social media haters. This man can move mountains.

We like how he sets out his goal setting and it looks like this:

3 Tier goals

Short term

  • – ie get out of bed/ go to work

Medium term

– 3 months to 1 year   ie write his book

Long term

  • 5 to 10 years

3 hours of every day is devoted to spending 1 hour on each tier of his goals

With momentum building from smaller achievements his first big shoot for the stars goals ultimately occurred – visited a Star Wars set, academy awards night attendance and even a dinner with a Hollywood movie starlet by the age of 30

And some more Word from the Wise

  •  Don’t bruise relationships that matter
  • Never lie
  • Focus

Who inspires Quentin then? Well, Jewell certainly did backstage after her concert by saying she used to live in a car and told him just to do what you want. Looks like he did just that. The ones that inspire him the most are the ones who have struggled the most, just like he has.

What’s in the future for Quentin? His new goals include working to get a disability playground in the city and getting to play up in New York or Vegas baby!

He realized early on he had potential in life and the only one who was going to get him to where he wanted to go was himself.

He said he didn’t want to sit around waiting for an early demise. That’s deep but we have all been there at some stage wondering what the hell are we doing.

We’re all really just working hard to create our own version of our ideal lifestyle. That could be having enough money to take one day off a week to spend with the kids, or training for a marathon or learning how to cook Vietnamese from Luke Nguyen.

How do you get there? Take that first step today.