Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

The cloud (& Xero) has revolutionized the way we do business.

Accessible from anywhere, intuitively designed and easy to use –it can become a complete financial solution for your business .

As an early adopter in Australia, Paul McCarthy was one of the first to embrace the new technology that made it so easy for clients to automate invoicing, purchases, payroll, banking – providing a clear, real-time view of their finances.

Benefits of cloud accounting

  • Access it anywhere, anytime from any internet connection in the world, even via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Get real-time view of your cashflow and bank balances

  • Easily manage accounts receivable online

  • Automated daily bank feeds for admin efficiency

  • Easily send invoices

  • Payroll functionality with an employee portal and integrated timesheets


  • Cashflow friendly through affordable monthly service packages

  • Choose add-ons to suit your business needs

  • Improved banking relationships

  • No hardware installations, manual back-ups or maintenance/support expenses

  • Software updates are free


We’re big fans of Xero and together we can offer your business flexible, functional financial management in the cloud.

If you haven’t already embraced Xero, we’ll get you started. We can set up your new account and can also manage the transition from other accounting systems*

The monthly fee is covered in our annual service packages.

When Paul told me he wanted to get us onto this new system I thought ‘Oh God! I have to learn another thing!’ Now, I love Xero! It’s easy.

Add-ons & Ecosystem

One of the perks of embracing cloud software is the option to manage all aspects of your business by integrating Xero accounting with add-on solutions to fit your business.

There are numerousXero add-ons that make running your business really efficient & simple that you can choose from, here’s just some of the great add-ons available.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank extracts the key data from your receipts, invoices and bills and publishes the data directly to Xero.


Sharesight automatically calculates the performance of your total portfolio and each share making performance reporting easy!