Xero Compliance & Advice Packages

ComplaianceBusiness Compliance Services

Running a business can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re getting bogged down with administrative responsibilities like bookkeeping then you’re likely not spending was much time as you’d to like on the bits of the business you really love.

We can certainly help. Even though you may already have a software solution like Xero working for you, you may still need someone check and then reconcile your financial information.

We can take care of your compliance work including preparation and lodgments of your BAS and then we’ll compile your business records for year-end accounts.  Our level of support and involvement can be tailored to best fit your business needs. Subject to number of transactions/ business scale/ upfront review/ quote, data entry is available on a  temporary or ongoing basis.

We are hands-on accountants and can take care of the books ensuring our work is efficient and affordable. That way you can focus more on growing your business and all the things you really love. We all have to do ‘stuff’, it’s just the degree and cleverness involved.

We definitely appreciate the fact that Paul takes a deep interest in our business. He’s definitely got our best interests at heart.



From $295/mth + GST

Taking care of your year end accounting needs and tax can be time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Let us prepare your annual accounts and take the hassle out of tax return preparation.

What’s included:
  • Xero Subscription

  • Annual financial statements

  • Income Tax returns

  • ATO Liaison

  • Annual General Meeting


From $545/mth + GST

To minimise the stress and distraction of book work all year round and to allow you more time to focus on the things you love about your business. We can keep you on track with your bookkeeping, BAS and other statutory reporting.

What’s included:
  • Xero subscription

  • Unlimited Xero support

  • Regular health check of Xero setup and data integrity

  • Quarterly BAS & Payroll lodgments

  • Annual Financial Statement

  • FBT and Income Tax Return

  • Six Monthly Review & Management Consultation


From $965/mth + GST

Your freed up Quality time is now used to to focus on the real business matters – growth, profit, cashflow, return on investment.  Taking many small steps. Building a solid base for the future.

What’s included:
  • Keeping the Office Clean package +

  • Annual Strategic meeting to identify opportunities to enhance your business situation

  • Annual Budget projection on Xero

  • Regular analysis & monitoring of business performance & cash flow

  • Banking liaison

  • Quarterly management reports and comments

  • Quarterly business improvement meeting / confer

  • Annual Tax Planning overview


From $1,965/mth + GST

The PROACTIVE package provides you with ongoing access to expert advice from an  experienced advisor who enjoys understanding your business. (without the considerable expense of a full time employee at this level.)

We can help you better understand your business’s financial position, and set achievable goals, increase profits and sustainability as well as discuss complex business decisions.

Ultimately the financial mentoring available from a Virtual CFO will help drive the future success of you and your business.

What’s included:
  • Smart Management & Reporting Package +

  • Support to drive & improve the financial results of your business with regular input & advice

  • Provision of spot checks & supervision of your accounting processes

  • Commentary & feedback on financial performance & recommendations for improvement opportunities

  • Improvement your internal reporting, record keeping & management functions

  • Attendance at or facilitation of management meetings to focus on financial performance

  • Assistance with strategic financial decisions

  • Assistance with your budget & cash flow preparation

  • Annual tax planning review

  • Up to date income & expenditure projections & cash flow monitoring so you’re prepared for the future

  • Mentoring for your finance team. Liaison with external stakeholders on your behalf (e.g. financiers, brokers, ATO)

  • Regular on-site attendance