Wealth Creation & Protection

Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation

To create the financial future you desire, you seek advice that considers your individual objectives, that meets your needs and will minimise risks.

A suitable plan is the best way to ensure your finances meet your immediate and future needs. We’re here to help you* get from where you are, to where you want to be.

* where required by referral to a suitably licensed financial advisor or organisation

Paul knows us as people. He understands how we operate as a family, our attitudes to life and finances.



Your super is one of the most tax effective ways of investing to create wealth for retirement.

We can help you* ensure you’re maximising your superannuation dollar whether it is a personal or corporate superannuation or a Self Managed Superannuation Fund.

* where required by referral to a suitably licensed financial advisor or organisation

He explained how our super fund could buy our consulting rooms and helped organise that. It allowed us to have more diversity. Very cost effective.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Protection

Effective estate planning ensures the wealth you have worked your entire life to build is transferred smoothly, tax-effectively and most importantly, to the right people according to your wishes.

Superannuation entitlements, pensions and/or death benefits add to the challenge.
Cheap or simple on-line wills may not deliver the right results (financially or emotionally)

Personal and extended family circumstances are constantly changing and evolving.
While we cannot predict our demise we can control the potential outcomes.

More specific objectives may include:

  • optimising taxation benefits and government entitlements for your beneficiaries
  • maximising future asset protection
  • bequests, philanthropic or charitable donations
  • reducing opportunities for legal challenges to your wills /estates

We can facilitate strategic advice to help your legal advisor prepare wills and other documents required to structure your estate, enabling you and your family to protect and pass on your wealth.

The outcome for you should be peace of mind, simplicity & flexibility (and longevity) in your personal affairs and related legal arrangements.


When I retired he looked after my estate planning. He organised our family trust, our wills and he’s co-executor of my will.